Laptop ban on planes

Ok so laptops are being banned on some flights in the UK, following the US’s plan. I’m brainstorming:

If such a policy could prevent a plane going down, I think all morally typical people would say that is a good policy. Sure, some 1000,000 might be slightly inconvenienced and say 10,000 business people are going to be moderately inconvenienced. But it saved 200 lives, right?

There are 3 reasons why this policy is a poor one:

1. If laptops can be hacked, why can’t phones, tablets, airports, or the aeroplanes themselves?

2. Such an attack is extremely unlikely to ever occur and simply plays into the narrative that the internet is bad and dangerous and needs to be controlled and Russians hacked the election and GIVE US YOUR FREEDOM

3. Bombs can be hidden in any device, not just laptops. Again, this just plays into the narrative of bombs bombs bombings immigrants Muslims BOMBS!

All of that said, if a legitimate threat can be proven in a transparent manner, and it is proven that such a policy would effectively mitigate the risk, such a policy might be justified. That is a long way off!!!


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