YouGov poll puts Labour 8% ahead!

46% of the British people want to vote for a radical socialist, a republican, and a man of peace who actually threatens the Establishment, backed by a self-proclaimed Marxist. These are strange times, and we must welcome them with full force knowing that socialism has always been bound to win. Its day is soon nigh. Long gone are the days when Thatcher argued “there is no society”. In 30 years time we shall look back on Jeremy as a bit to the right of all our leaders since him, but nevertheless the man who brought socialism to the UK. These are glorious times. I’m not one to talk about glory, but they are truly days of great transformation, and possibly the beginning of the new age. The Establishment keeps power through austerity, keeping educational standards low so that it cannot be criticised. Only once a socialist government is elected can the educational standards actually be raised high enough for people to realise they must vote for the socialist alternative. It is of course paradoxical, and therefore relies heavily on a moment of change. Call it Mussolini’s ‘great man theory’ if you will, one man to drag the country and maybe the world kicking and screaming into the future. This theory is, of course, erroneous, because the change is inevitable. Socialism victory is inevitable. It is just difficult to attain, and it has just so happened that Corbyn may be the man to do it. No man is born great, but Corbyn will have greatness thrust upon him.


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